The thief has been pillaging and plundering for years, and is an expert at trickery. In battle he can disarm weaponry and steal items from enemies. In the field he can detect hidden treasures and unlock doors and chests.

Starting Traits Edit

Mastery Vitality Ability Technique Resilience Willpower Dexterity
1 10 4 15 5 5 30

Equipment Edit

Weapons Armour
Swords, Daggers Light

Skills Edit

Skill Type Cost Effect Prerequisites Knowledge
Disarm Talent (Battle) 1 AP Reduces the enemy's technique trait by 50% for 3 turns. Enemy must be holding a weapon. 35 Dexterity 300
Pickpocket Talent (Battle) 1 AP Steals an item from the enemy party. None None
Lockpicking Tool (Passive) 1 Lockpick Unlocks doors and chests. None 500