The Shield-Maiden wields both sword and shield as a devastating weapon. In battle she focuses on deflecting damage and counterattacking with brute force. In the field she protects the party from dangerous hazards.

Starting Traits Edit

Mastery Vitality Ability Technique Resilience Willpower Dexterity
1 15 5 15 25 5 10

Equipment Edit

Weapons Armour
Swords, Maces Heavy, Shields

Skills Edit

Skill Type Cost Effect Prerequisites Knowledge
Shield Throw Weapon (Battle) 1 AP Causes damage to one enemy. Requires a shield to be equipped. 20 Technique 150
Bastion Weapon (Battle) 1 AP Reduces damage the user takes by 50% for 3 turns. Requires a shield to be equipped. None None
Cover Weapon (Field) 1 AP Prevents projectiles and other hazards from harming the party. Requires a shield to be equipped. None 50
Maiden's Charge Talent (Passive) None Regenerate vitality slowly outside of battle. 30 Resilience 250