The Pyromancer has the ability to manipulate the element of fire. In battle, they excel at dealing damage to multiple enemies at once. In the field they can manipulate flames in the environment and burn through obstacles.

 Starting Traits Edit

Mastery Vitality Ability Technique Resilience Willpower Dexterity
1 15 8 15 5 30 10

Equipment Edit

Weapons Armour
Swords, Wands, Staves Light, Shields

 Skills Edit

Skill Type Cost Effect Prerequisites Knowledge
Burning Gale Magic (Battle) 1 AP Causes damage to all enemies. 45 Willpower 600
Channel Fire Magic (Field) None Replenishes four ability points. Requires a source of fire. None 150
Sword of A'mun Magic (Field) 1 AP Conjures the Sword of A'mun. Lasts three battles. Power scales with mastery points. 65 Willpower 1200
Torchlight Magic (Field) 1 AP Illuminates dark areas. None 350