The Marksman is a master of ranged weaponry. In battle he focuses on dealing large amounts of damage from afar. In the field he uses his abilities to reach distant objects.

 Starting Traits Edit

Mastery Vitality Ability Technique Resilience Willpower Dexterity
1 15 3 25 5 5 25

Equipment Edit

Weapons Armour
Bows, Crossbows, Cannons Medium, Shields

 Skills Edit

Skill Type Cost Effect Prerequisites Knowledge
Concussive Blast Weapon (Battle) 1 AP Causes damage to one enemy. Also causes Stun condition for 1 turn. None None
Volley Weapon (Battle) 1 AP Causes damage to all enemies. 40 Technique 450
Interception Weapon (Battle) 1 AP Grants party immunity to ranged attacks for 1 turn. 45 Dexterity 650
Target Practice Weapon (Field) 1 AP Fires a projectile at a distant object (such as a switch). 30 Dexterity 200
Reload Tool (Field) 1 Arrow or 1 Bolt or 1 Bullet Replenishes three ability points. None 150
Double Barrel Talent (Passive) None Allows two cannons to be equipped at once. 40 Technique 500