The Huntress is a master of navigating the wilds. In battle she carefully watches her prey, then strikes their weak spots. In the field she uses her knowledge of the natural world to create openings for escape.

Starting Traits Edit

Mastery Vitality Ability Technique Resilience Willpower Dexterity
1 20 3 15 15 5 20

Equipment Edit

Weapons Armour
Spears, Bows, Crossbows Medium

Skills Edit

Skill Type Cost Effect Prerequisites Knowledge
Poison Sting Weapon (Battle) 1 AP Causes damage to one enemy. Also causes Poison condition for 3 turns. 35 Technique 400
Foothold Trap Tool (Field) 1 Trap Sets a trap which roots enemies in place if activated. 30 Dexterity 600
Pathfinding Talent (Passive) None Detects hidden pathways and entrances. None None
Flaying Tool (Passive) None Enemies drop more leather materials after battle. Requires a hunting knife. None 450