Companions each have a unique set of skills that they can use to the player's advantage in the field and in battle. Most skills consume ability points when used.

Skill Classes Edit

Every skill in the game is categorised under one of four main classes.

  • Weapon skills require a certain weapon to be equipped in order to be used.
  • Magic skills do not require anything to use, but can be suppressed under certain circumstances.
  • Tool skills require particular items to be available in your inventory.
  • Talent skills do not require anything to use.

Skill Sub-Classes Edit

Every skill in the game also has a sub-class that determines where and how it can be used.

  • Battle skills are used in battle to inflict damage or inflict conditions on enemies.
  • Field skills are used outside of battle to overcome obstacles or manipulate the environment.
  • Passive skills activate automatically and do not consume ability points.


Skillsets Edit

While companions have numerous skills at their disposal, only a certain number can be active at a time.

  • Each companion can have four battle skills, one field skill and one passive skill active at any time.
  • They require the presence of a memory stone in order to make changes to their active skillset. There is at least one of these in every area.

Unlocking Skills Edit

Many skills are not available to companions straight away and must be unlocked before they can be used.

  • Locked skills require certain prerequisites to be met before they can be unlocked. For example, they might require a certain amount of points in a particular trait.
  • Once the prerequisites have been met, the companion can spend knowledge they have collected during their journey to unlock the skill.
  • Once a skill is unlocked, it can be used in the companion's skillset.

Augmenting Skills Edit

Some skills can be upgraded to add additional effects or make their current effects more potent.

  • An augmented skill will usually consume more ability points, or lose power in one area in order to gain power in another.
  • The companion can spend knowledge to augment skills once they have gained enough mastery points.

Master Skills Edit

Upon choosing a mastery pathway, a companion can unlock their hidden potential and learn more powerful skills.

  • At level 10 a companion can choose one of three mastery pathways. Powerful skills known as master skills will be available to unlock upon doing so.
  • There is one master battle skill, one master field skill and one master passive skill for each pathway. Only one can be active in a companion's skillset at a time.
  • Master skills consume more than one ability point when they are used.