Resources are used by the player or their companions in exchange for something else. There are two types of resources in the game.

Coins Edit

They are remnants of the wealth of a kingdom that once ruled over the lands of Valeden. They are circulated amongst settlements, but have little value outside the continent.

  • Coins are often found in hidden caches in the field or dropped by enemies upon defeat.
  • They can be used to purchase goods from merchants and traders, or services from alchemists, artisans and blacksmiths.

Knowledge Edit

Knowledge is used to increase the strength of companions and grant them new skills.

  • Knowledge is obtained by collecting orbs that manifest after defeating enemies or collecting Artefacts.
  • They may also be randomly found in the field.
  • There are four types - white, gold and black. The type determines how much knowledge is received.
  • Knowledge can be used to increase a companion's mastery points. This will increase their traits and make more skills available.
  • Furthermore, knowledge can be used to unlock new skills once a companion has met the prerequisites.