Companions are individuals who agree to accompany you on your quest to restore the Codex's power. You will meet many on your journey, and some require more convincing than others to join your cause, but they are all invaluable.

  • All companions join your party with one mastery point and one skill.
  • The player can spend the knowledge they have collected on their travels to increase the power of their companions and grant them new skills
  • Every companion has a unique selection of skills that allow them to overcome different obstacles, defeat different kinds of enemies and provide different kinds of benefits to the party.
  • You can have four companions in your active party at a time. You can switch companions at memory stones.
  • Each companion has their own story line which is told through story events that activate by visiting certain areas or talking to certain people with them in your active party.

Companion List Edit

The Shield-Maiden The Marksman The Pyromancer The Thief
The Huntress