The Codex is a magical artefact that once contained all there was to know about Valeden. However, it has somehow lost all knowledge about the land and its history. In order to break the curse preventing your return home, you must restore this knowledge to the Codex.

Codex Objectives Edit

Each location in the game has its own page in the Codex, but there is information missing. In order to fill it in you must defeat each Archon, collect each Artefact and explore every location in Valeden.

Archons Edit

The Archons are ancient beings who dwell in the darkest reaches of Valeden. They stole knowledge from the Codex and hid away with their prize, and you must defeat them in order to reclaim it.

  • There are three types of Archons - lesser, greater and grand. The type of Archon determines its strength.
  • Archons are very difficult to defeat. The player will need to use strategy and particular skills to succeed. Hints for defeating them are provided by exploring the areas the Archon dwells in.
  • Archons are the only enemies in the game that drop black knowledge orbs.
  • Upon defeat an Archon will leave behind a hollowstone. You can use a cursed key to temporarily resummon the Archon in order to fight it again.
  • Furthermore, certain cursed keys allow you to summon an even stronger version of the Archon for greater challenge and greater rewards.

Artefacts Edit

Some of the Codex's knowledge was so potent that it manifested as physical objects known as Artefacts. These priceless objects are hidden all over Valeden.

  • Artefacts are very well hidden. The player will need to reach difficult areas and solve puzzles in order to claim them.
  • Claiming an Artefact will reward knowledge and provide a glimpse into the past that may provide information about the area or further develop the story.

Map Edit

Each page of the Codex once contained a detailed map of Valeden in its entirety, but this too has been lost. Visiting new places will reacquire pieces of this map.

  • Alongside other objectives, an incomplete map of the area will be displayed in each Codex page.
  • Each section of the map represents one place in the area you are visiting, and as you explore these will no longer be greyed out. The aim is to complete the map by exploring the entire area.