Battles are initiated whenever the player comes into contact with an enemy on the field. The aim of a battle is to defeat all the enemies on the screen before they defeat all of your companions.

  • Enemies are displayed to the left of the screen and companions are displayed on the right.
  • When the time bar fills completely, a companion can take their turn. Companions with higher dexterity points can act quicker than those with lower points.
  • The battle is won when all the enemies on the screen have been defeated. The player will receive loot and knowledge as a reward.
  • The battle is lost when all companions are knocked unconscious. The player will be transported to the nearest memory stone and have some of their knowledge stolen. Archons steal much more knowledge than normal enemies.
  • The tide of the battle can be turned by circumstances in the field. Certain enemies are stronger in some environments and weaker in others, and certain skills or removing certain obstacles can provide an advantage to your companions.

Weaknesses and Resistances Edit

There are many different kinds of enemies in the game and they all have a different set of strengths and weaknesses.

  • Certain enemies are vulnerable to certain types of skills. For example, some may take extra damage from fire.
  • On the flip side, some enemies take reduced damage or are immune to certain skills. For example, enemies that possess tough hides or armour may take less damage from weaponry.
  • Certain items and skills can reveal strategic information about enemies. Furthermore, there are often hints hidden in the areas in which they live.

Conditions Edit

Sometimes it takes more than all-out offense to defeat an enemy. Certain items and skills can alter the conditions of your enemies or your companions and turn the tide of battle.

  • Positive conditions increase traits or provide resistances to certain skills. For example, the Shield-Maiden's Bastion skill reduces the damage she takes from oncoming attacks.
  • Negative conditions reduce traits or reduce resistances to certain skills. For example, the Thief's Disarm skill reduces an enemy's technique points considerably.
Positive Conditions Negative Conditions
Resistance Poison
Immunity Stun
Regeneration Silence